Project Matrixx

A sleek and intuitive custom ROM, seamlessly built upon crDroid. Unlock enhanced performance, streamlined customization, and a user-friendly interface for a seamlessly tailored experience.

Why choose Project Matrixx?

  • Pure Android experience
  • Extra Customizations
  • Zero bloatware
  • Free and open source
  • Great performance
Matrixx ROM mockup

Elevate your Android experience with Project Matrixx

Unveil Project Matrixx: CrDroid's Legacy, Android 14 Innovations, Open-Source Freedom, and Boundless Customization Options for an Unmatched Android Journey.

crDroid Legacy

The crDroid Legacy: A Foundation of Excellence
Dive into Project Matrixx, built on crDroid ROM's reliable foundation. Experience a blend of stability and innovation for an unparalleled Android journey.

Android 14

Embrace Android 14: The Future is Here
Step into the future with Project Matrixx and the cutting-edge features of Android 14.

Open Source

Open Source Freedom: Power to the People
Embrace innovation with Project Matrixx's open-source ethos.


Limitless Customization: Tailor Your Experience
Transform your device with Project Matrixx, where every detail is personalizable. Unlock endless customization possibilities and make your Android uniquely yours.

Customizations for everyone

Discover Project Matrixx: Empowering Everyone with Unmatched Customizations for a Tailored Android Experience Beyond Imagination

  • User Interface Customizations

    Customize your device's appearance to suit your preferences. Options range from system-wide theming to selecting monet colors, custom Wi-Fi icons, and fonts. Tailor every detail to your liking and enjoy a personalized interface.

  • Lockscreen Customizations

    Explore a variety of lockscreen customizations to find the style that appeals to you. Choose from different clock styles, notification counts, font choices, and UDFPS animations to create a lockscreen that reflects your personal taste.

  • QuickSettings Customizations

    Tailor your QuickSettings panel to reflect your unique style. From QuickSettings styles to battery icons and animations, customize each element to enhance your device's aesthetic and functionality.

  • Status Bar Customizations

    Enhance your privacy and aesthetics with status bar customizations. Monitor apps using the camera or mic, choose from various battery styles, view internet traffic, and declutter your status bar for a cleaner look.

  • Miscellaneous Customizations

    Unlock additional features for improved performance and privacy. Achieve higher FPS in games, block sensors for selected apps, and explore Game Space among other functionalities for a more tailored experience.

  • Notification Customizations

    Manage your Notification Panel to ensure important alerts stand out. Adjust the number of notifications displayed, customize alert styles, use flash for calls, and enhance notification sounds for a more engaging experience.

Transform Your Device

Download Project Matrixx Now and Unleash the Full Potential of Your Android Experience. Join the Revolution Today!

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Project Matrixx ?

      An innovative aftermarket operating system, also known as Custom ROM, meticulously crafted atop Google’s AOSP. Building upon the solid foundation of CrDroid Android, we’ve infused it with thoughtful enhancements, features and fixes we found deemed to be added for better user experience.

    • Is Project Matrixx Safe ?

      Definitely Yes !!!. It's an enhanced version of Google's AOSP with better security, fixes and added enhancements to provide better experience to every user. You can always check our Privacy Policy and be assured that you're in safe hands.

    • How is Project Matrixx Different ?

      We are not just yet another project of android based on Open Source. Instead, we are an enhanced version of infamous CrDroid Android which itself is based on the well known Dad of Custom ROM - The Lineage OS. So, to make it simple, we are CrDroid Android with extra enahncements resulting in better usability and better options to customise your device.

    • Is It Available For All Mobile Devices ?

      No. As of now it's not available for all mobile devices because of lack of maintainers and devices. We are still a growing team with support of multiple devices in our list. You can check the officially supported devices on our Downloads page

    • How Can Anyone Becomes an Official Maintainer ?

      We believe we are here to serve the Open Source Community with whatever we have learnt so far from the community. Thus, you don't need to be an excellent developer to be a part of Project Matrixx. If you know the basics of 'Git', Clean Codes, Editing 'XML', etc. it's sufficient for us. For more details, please reach out by filling contact form.

    • How long Does it takes for team to respond to Maintainership Application ?

      Usually, we take 24 to 48 hours to check your application and reply you back, irrespective of the outcome. If it's positive you will be added to our Official Maintainer's Group. If it's negative, you will be informed with reason why your application has not been accepted and how you can improve the same and try again.

    • What's The Flashing Procedure for Project Matrixx ?

      Flashing process differs from device to device and thus it's better to check your device's release post in the Release Channel as it'll have detailed process of flashing Project Matrixx on your device.

    • What If One is Not Able to Boot or Flash Project Matrixx ?

      Using Project Matrixx is very simple. Still, if you're facing any issue then please feel free to connect with us on our Official Telegram Support Community. We or any other users who is using the same device as yours will be able to help you enjoy the Project Matrixx ROM.

    • Do We Have Telegram Community for Support and Release Channel ?

      Yes, certainly. You can join us on our telegram group, official release channel and other socials by checking all our official handles in the Footer section