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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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Maintained by twinchin96

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Changelog 19 May 2024:

  • OOS Cam included
  • Dolby included
  • Increase haptics
  • BCR included
  • Bring back per app refresh rate and other OPlusExtras additions that were missing prior build
  • Switched back to Perf+
  • Stabilty improvements
  • Fixed random reboot issues and freezes
  • Fixes for gamespace crash
  • Misc improvements

Changelog 24 April 2024:

  • OOS cam included
  • Dolby included
  • Full ext4 now no more erofs
  • Improved on brightness
  • Switched to Meteoric kernel
  • Tons of behind the scene improvements
  • Improved stability
  • BCR was added back

Changelog 12 Feb 2024:

  • Removed Dolby for the time being
  • Implemented Libperfmgt
  • Removed BCR call recorder
  • Included boot.img if you want ksu. (fastboot flash boot boot.img)
  • Reduced brightness values. (if brightness too low for you then increase from device extras)
  • Improved stabillity and smoothness

Changelog 23 Jan 2024:

  • Added Dolby but still no OOS cam yet
  • Fixed playstore issue
  • Fixed lineage charging control
  • Fixed ram management
  • Added BCR call recorder prebuilt
  • Added toggle to enable and disable windows level blur
  • Lots of behind the scenes improvements

Changelog 13 Jan 2024:

  • No Dolby or OOS Cam yet
  • Improve ram management
  • Update to latest LOS kernel changes
  • Wireless powershare unavailable atm. will be readded next build
  • Use AOSP surfaceflinger (better and smoother)
  • Unlock VoLTE and VoWIFI for more carriers
  • Misc improvements and smoothness tweaks for better experience

Changelog 27 Dec 2023:

  • Enable FUSE passthrough by default
  • Improve haptics
  • Nuke Atrace
  • Improved brightness and screen flicker when using auto refresh rate
  • Limit AOD to 60hz to save battery
  • Enable vibration system strength in oplus extras setting
  • System stability improvements

Changelog 23 Dec 2023:

  • Updated blobs to OOS
  • Added min/max switch and removed smooth display
  • Improve stability and performance