OnePlus 9

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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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Maintained by mukesh22584

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  • Updated kernel to lineage upstream
  • Update KSU to 0.9.4
  • Added Google photos support for oneplus camera
  • Decouple auto-suspend and interactive from display on/off
  • Fixed Statusbar padding
  • Disabled smart pixel on UDFPS


  • Rebased devices sources
  • Fixed camera location watermark crash
  • Another try to Fix Oneplus Gallery crash


  • Cleanup device sources
  • Updated kernel to lineage upstream
  • Update KSU to 0.9.2


  • Updated blobs to OOS
  • Fixed Camera night mode crash
  • Added OnePlus gallery
  • Increased Dolby bass enhancer values
  • Removed Dolby volume leveler
  • Updated kernelSU to 0.9.0
  • Kernel: Switch to step_wise thermal governor
  • Kernel: Set AoD low light mode as default
  • Improved brightness


  • Fixed camera night mode crash
  • Fixed camera preview not opening
  • Fixed Power Off alarm
  • Fixed sound coming from speaker if bluetooth connected


  • Added OnePlus camera
  • Updated blobs to OOS
  • Updated KSU support
  • Updated Kernel


  • Updated blobs to OOS
  • Added KSU support
  • Updated Kernel
  • Removed firmware from Rom zip


  • Updated blobs to OOS
  • Updated Kernel
  • Added min/max switch and removed smooth display
  • Fixed few logs spams