Poco F5/Redmi Note 12 Turbo

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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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  • Sync with latest source to fix few source side errors


  • Signed build to pass Play Integrity again
  • Updated BCR App to latest 1.63


  • Fixed Auto Brightness issue
  • Haptics improved
  • Screen flickering at low brightness is addressed to some extent (very less flickers now)


  • Update hyperos cam from
  • Bring back Thermal Profiles
  • Nuked Brightness Slider Curve Implementation (No more higher Brightness at lower slider positions)


  • Fixed widevine issue (Back to L1 now)
  • Fixed BCR App crashing issue
  • Auto Brightness works like one shot Brightness (The moment u unlock phone, brightness adapts to surrounding light)
  • Upstreamed Los kernel to 5.10.209 and is based on latest April tag ASB-2024-04-05
  • Update blobs from V816.0.4.0.ULLMIXM
  • Fixed twrp getting replaced with source recovery
  • Added back OTA support
  • Nuked Thermal profiles as they were causing performance drop (Strange but true)


  • Switched to Los based trees
  • Switched to OSS kernel
  • Updated BCR app to latest 1.62
  • Ships with Parts Dolby, ViperFX 6.2 for sound
  • Includes Per App Refresh rate, Low Power Refresh rate options


  • Fixed Heating issues
  • Improvements to Moto Dolby
  • Added back spatial audio
  • Unfortunately widevine is L3 again


  • Fixed sms/otp not receiving issue
  • Fixed Thermals
  • Fixed ott apps crash and now Widevine is back to L1
  • Improved Auto Brightness
  • Set Brightness slider curve Implementation (Enjoy higher brightness at lower slider positions)
  • Upstreamed Evenstar Non ksu kernel to 5.10.211
  • Updated BCR to latest 1.61
  • Ships with Moto Dolby and Dirac instead of parts Dolby and ViperFX
  • Added overlay for Turbo Power Charging
  • Enable Advanced SF Phase Offsets (Improved app open/close animation and reduces janks)
  • Optimized Dex flags (faster boot)
  • Removed Force triple frame buffers (Reduces app lags & improves UI performance)
  • Nuked Per-app Refresh Rate for now (Buggy after update to Hyperos Blobs)
  • Moved Fuse Passthrough prop to product.prop from system.prop as per latest android change
  • Fixed Battery Drain due to statsd


  • Based on HyperOS firmware
  • Added 90Hz support
  • Ships with Evenstar Kernel non-ksu variant
  • Dropped support for 32 bit apps for now


  • Fixed Green tint at low brightness
  • Added smooth display Toggle
  • Fixed some Janks
  • Tuned charging control parameters
  • Silence some spammy logging (reduces idle cpu usage)
  • Tune ambient display burn-in protection
  • Updated Silvercore Kernel to latest 5.10.209
  • Updated ViperFX app to latest 6.1
  • In order to fix crashing ott apps, widevine compromised to L3 for now


  • Hotfix update for 10.2.1 release of 22.01.24
  • Fixed Fingerprint issues that was randomly occuring with few users
  • Dropped Smooth display for now
  • Switch back to Silvercore Kernel based on 5.10.208 (Though melt was not behind the FP issue)


  • Fixed issue with night light
  • Fixed issue with extra dark
  • Fixed an issue where TWRP was getting replaced with matrixx recovery after OTA
  • Improved Adaptive brightness (still brightness varying with screen content in certain scenarios is to be addressed)
  • Added back smooth display Toggle
  • Switched to Melt kernel and Upstreamed to latest version 2.5.3


  • Fixed Auto Brightness issue
  • Disable frame rate override feature
  • Disable backpressure prop (helps fix lags and Janks )
  • Updated BCR to latest 1.59
  • Updated Silvercore Kernel to latest by Chaitanya


  • Updated Silvercore Kernel to latest 5.10.204
  • Added some tweaks to improve smoothness of the rom
  • Fixed 'No Space' Error with Gapps Flashing (Now use any Nikgapps package of ur choice)


  • Added Dolby atoms, spatial audio
  • Removed Dirac and retained ViperFX
  • Added dolby vision
  • Added Battery Health
  • Added support for new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices
  • Updated Perf blobs from Nothing Phone 2
  • Switched to latest Silvercore Kernel 5.10.203
  • Updated BCR to latest 1.57
  • Updated ViperFX driver to latest 0.6.1


  • Fixed an issue where default dialer was not being set in Gapps build
  • Shipped Google Messaging app instead of AOSP Messaging (Fixes message not received in some cases)
  • Uprev ViPER4Android FX to latest release 5.6.2


  • Fixed issue of incoming call displaying weird numbers for dual sim users (Replaced Google Dialer with aosp dialer app)
  • Replaced Google Messages with aosp messages app
  • Switched to aospa kernel from melt kernel


  • Hotfix build, synced with latest source
  • Updated pinner service in tune with pixel_fw merge in source


  • Added props to improve App closing/opening animations and touch response
  • Switched to Melt kernel and updated to latest 2.3.6_1
  • Updated Basic Call Recorder app to latest 1.56
  • Added lineage Charging Control feature
  • Enabled aosp surfaceflinger (Improved smoothness)
  • Enabled apk fs-verity (root detection improvement)
  • Silenced OpenGLRenderer log spam
  • Cleaned up useless log spams
  • Reduction of idle drain
  • Battery backup improvements
  • Improvements to scrolling and smoothness of rom


  • Shipped & Updated ViperFX to latest version 5.5
  • Match vendor security patch with platform security patch
  • Adjust status bar paddings


  • Enjoy strong vibrations as it was before, RIP subtle vibrations
  • Uprev BCR to v1.55
  • Add Dirac Sound
  • Add support for Smart Pixels


  • Added support for Vanilla Build
  • Added cloned apps support for Gmail
  • Improved vibrations
  • Updated Silvercore Kernel to v5.10.200
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements


  • Added Leica Camera
  • Nuked the system apps AudioFX, Auxio and Matlog
  • Fixed the issue of vendor security patch level displaying as unknown
  • Added Google messaging to fix sms not receiving after device restart
  • Ships with Google Dialer instead of Aosp dialer
  • Added back Support for 32 bit apps
  • Switched to Silver core kernel