OnePlus 9RT

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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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Maintained by Mrick343

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  • Fixed System UI crashing while charging
  • Fixed brightness issue
  • May SP merged


  • Initial QPR2 Release
  • Fixed heating and throttling issue
  • Fixed camera location watermark crash
  • Rebased to latest LOS kernel
  • Updated Carrier configs from OOS


  • Updated blobs from OxygenOS
  • OTA Fixed
  • Added Dynamite kernel (Thanks to @PJgowtham)
  • Added back 32bit Support
  • Fixed Google Dialer blank call recording
  • Added BCR for call recording
  • OOS14 Firmware included
  • Removed NR Mode switcher from Device Settings


  • Updated blobs from OxygenOS
  • Updated camera from OxygenOS (Thanks to @Sugakesshaa)
  • Added Dolby with new implementation (Thanks to @Adithya R, @Henrique Silva, @Fabian Leutenegger & @Sugakesshaa)
  • Update IMS from LA.QSSI.14.0.r1-10000.01-qssi.0
  • Bring back Sunlight Mode for HBM
  • Added OTA Support from next build


  • Beta-3 Build
  • Added latest CLO Tags in Kernel
  • Minor Fixes


  • Initial BETA release