POCO X5 Pro 5G/Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed

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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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Maintained by PRIYANSHU

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  • No changes


  • Switched to leica camera again.
  • Introduced Xiaomi parts
  • Dropped oneplus dolby support & added Dolby Atmos as part
  • Disable alpha compositing in WM
  • Added SpatialAudio support
  • Imported powerhint.json from coral and adapted it for yupik


NOTE: clean flash is required.

  • updated KernelSU ( v0.9.3 )
  • Dropped Leica camera and imported hyperOS stock miuicamera
  • Re-implemented oneplus dolby
  • Optimize statusbar paddings
  • Added HBM support


  • Import LDAC prebuilt from stock


  • Fixed ScreenCast issue.


  • Shipped with hyperos firmware ( OS1.0.3.0.UMSMIXM )
  • Update blobs from OS1.0.2.0.UMSMIXM
  • Fixed lag issue in screen recording at 120hz
  • Fixed call on voNR
  • Updated kernelSU ( v0.9.2 )
  • props: Disable display refresh rate override
  • props: Set frame rate multiple threshold to 60
  • props: Enable config_avoidGfxAccel
  • props: Reduce refresh rate timers
  • props: Extend audio offload buffer size to 256kb


  • Synced with latest source
  • Fixed audio distortion
  • Boost audio output
  • Switch to SkiaGL Threaded (Fixed LMC/GCAM crash issue)
  • Fixed systemui crashing
  • Updated KernelSU
  • Many miscellaneous changes

Changelog 11 Feb 2024:

  • Initial A14 update.