Redmi 6 Pro

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Release frequency: monthly

Requires custom recovery: Yes

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Maintained by obito_svha

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Changelog 17 March 2024:

  • Synced with latest v10.3.1 source
  • Set zram size to 50% of system ram
  • Linked vendor sp to platform
  • Added wifi support for two bands 2.4Ghz ang 5Ghz
  • Disabled Wallpaper zoom animation
  • Added props to bluetooth to fix auto turnoff

Changelog 14 Feb 2024:

  • Synced with latest v10.3.0 source
  • Added Bcr as prebuild
  • Added OTA support for Vanilla version
  • Fixed random reboot while hotspot turned on
  • Renamed perf as kernel line
  • cpufreq_schedutil: remove tracing
  • init/main.c: add sync point between each level
  • Misc changes and further more improvement hereandthere

Changelog 18 Jan 2024:

  • Synced with latest v10.2.0 source
  • Fixed Viper4FX driver issue and readded
  • Imported SmartPixel in dt
  • Added OTA support for Gapps version
  • Fixed incoming calls not popup
  • Added some vendor.prop

Changelog 31 Dec 2023:

  • Synced with latest v10.1.2 source
  • Fixed Fingerprint for goodix
  • Removed Viper4FX for now
  • Improved system animation
  • Fixed Dialer crashing
  • Many more underhood changes

Changelog 22 Dec 2023:

-Initial official release.